Starting a new business online takes guts. And a budget.

There are many unexplored market opportunities awaiting visionary entrepreneurs who spot them before anyone else does. But as cluttered as the internet seems these days, it’s still a wild, wild west out there.

Many are the markets still running on traditional offline methods, and for which the internet can streamline processes and automate income. Constant innovations in technology create endless market opportunities and creative entrepreneurs are reshaping the way business is done.

Fortunes are made on a daily basis by those who spot these opportunities. The whole of Manhattan was sold to someone once for $1000. The seller made a fortune, the buyer made his family rich for generations to come… Today we see the same sort of “fore vision = profits”. There is a whole new land rush. Only now the land takes the shape of ideas.

An idea is just an idea and you’ll need the right set of tools and knowledge to make the most out of it. You’ll need a business plan and a website, instead of a map and a pick. You’ll need the type of support that will have you save thousands in startup costs.

The internet is a constant-change environment. Doing business online is all about an constant adaptation to systems and consumer habits. Technology changes quicker than google provides results… and the success of any business online depends on the ability of those who run it to adapt and foresee.

If you are reading this, you’re probably one of the few visionaries who has spotted a market opportunity, and you are probably looking for a reliable partner who knows the ins and outs of what makes the web a viable and profitable business platform.

Yes, we can help you. We can help you tune in your business plan. – You already have one, right? – No?… we can help you with that too. In fact it is probably the single most important part of what will make or brake your start up. Would you go dig for gold if you didn’t have a map of where the mine is?…

There is quite a bit of preparation to get a business started online. You’ll need to address your business plan, branding, website design and development, marketing and of course there ‘s always that one thing we all love – logistics.. We can help you all the way.

From idea to website

Let’s start with your business plan. Have you set goals? people? strategies? systems? budgets? … Yes? great let’s move forward.

Second stage is branding where the image of your company is created. The name, logo, icons, colors, fonts, styles and tone of message are defined during the initial creative process. Fail to do this right and you can totally miss your target. Can you picture everyone using Facebook the same way if they decided to go with with the florescent green, instead of Blue? – or, if they had called it “”? Defining who you are and what you look like, will help your audience connect with you.

Only then we start the work on your Website. Design and build your website. Actually let’s turn that around… the most important part of a website is how it works, not just how it looks… Frank Lloyd Wright once said – “form follows function”. On the web, “design follows functionality.”

You’ll also need some fuel for your business. The fuel of any business are it’s customers. They keep a business alive and when they stop coming in, a business stalls, loses money and eventually shuts down. Marketing is every business fuel pump. Fuel regularly and keep your business moving.